Friday, December 30, 2011

I do Look Great, Don't I? **Original Publish Date 12/2010

This is an actual recap of a situation that happened to me recently. I had a repairman over to the house. He looked in my living room and noticed a double stroller. He made the comment, "You have twins?" I answered in the affirmative. He then asked the obvious followup question, "How old are they?" Again I give an honest answer, "11 weeks old." And the repairman says, "Wow! You look great to have 3 month old twins!"

Yeah. I know awkward. But how do I answer that question? Do I have twins? Yes. Think what you may, say what you want, but this is the way I think. If my husband and I are to truly restore and be one then how can there be a division of yours, mine, and ours? In my mind, there can't be a separation of the kids. If we are one, then those are our kids when they are in this home. Period. That's my train of thought on this situation - and really that's the only train that matters. So, when someone asks me how many kids we have, the answer is 4. And when the repairman asks, "You have twins?" I answer in the affirmative. Got it? Good.

But I am not going to go into a spiritual discussion about marriage and one-ness with the repairman in my living room. He really doesn't need the family history lesson. And I am ok with that, but when he said "you look great to have 3 month old twins" I felt a bit disingenuous. I looked great that day - period. I really did. And I know what his statement was saying, "you look great to have been pregnant just 3 months ago and you have already lost the weight and are standing here cute-d up." You know that's what he meant. So that is why I felt a bit like a liar that day, because I knew that I didn't really meet his litmus test.

But here I am a few days out and I have to think that "Hell Yeah! I look great for having 3 month old twins!" Because damn it, I do. I look great to be still married. I look ravishing to have kept my sanity. I am too cute because I am standing here in regular clothes and not wearing an orange jumpsuit and in jail. I do look amazing to have kept working EVERY day through this situation. I look superfine to have fortified my faith in the midst of trials. I look fantastic draped in love, forgiveness, and restoration.

So I guess I wasn't lying.. and from now on I will just reply, "Thank You."


  1. Amen. And if you think about it, Neysa. You DID labor through some things. And yes, labor can be painful and seem neverending. But you also DID give birth to some things...including a better you, a better marriage, and a better family. No one has to AGREE with your choice in order to see that and so I say yes, accept the compliment fully and is true and yours. ~ Tracey

  2. You do look fantastic draped in love, forgiveness, and restoration. I LOVE that. Thank you for that...I have found a new outfit to add to my "wardrobe" and I didnt find it at Dillards. I am thankful to have found you... -Cammy (Knoxville, TN)

  3. This is definitely one of my favorite posts. Thank you for continuing to share your story and be so transparent through your testimony.


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