Thursday, August 18, 2011

Can't We All Just Get Along

In 2003 a friend posed this question: Why is there no united front of Black people tackling the issues in our community?

This was my answer:

We get caught up in...
-the too many chiefs and not enough indians syndrome,
-the I've been on the battlefield for a long time and this person just came out the blue syndrome,
-the let me speak just to be heard even though I am adding nothing to the conversation syndrome,
-the I knew that person from the past and they weren't about shit then so why should I think they are about something now syndrome,
-the I want to be the star syndrome,
-the revolution is the only way and those that try to work through the system for change are Uncle Toms trying to get ahead syndrome,
-the I am trying to work through the system as a sleeper cell, insteadof announcing my attack by talking about the revolution syndrome,
-the I have a deep knowledge of Africana studies and those that don't have no basis from which to work syndrome,
-the I work in the factory form 9-5 and don't need no college educated negro telling me about racism because I am in the real world syndrome,
-the I'm going to hustle and make this paper because "charlie" ain't going to let me succeed anyway syndrome,
-the how can you worshipd a God that hasn't ever responded to your pleas and was given to you by the white man syndrome,
-the Jesus has brought us this far and anyone that doesn't believe it is going to mess up the cause and burn in hell syndrome,
-the we only want the men because women should be seen and not heard syndrome,
-the my baby daddy aint about nothing so why should I listen to to him syndrome,
-the we only want the straight syndrome...

Need I go on? I wish I could say that since I wrote most of that in 2003, that things have changed. But... well.. let's just say we still have work to do. And seriously, it is past time to be about the business at hand. You don't have to agree on everything. Start working on your home, your family. Then expand that to working on your street, and your cousin that needs a bit of help. Then expand a little bit more. There's plenty to do. And honestly, I'm more than happy to have some help.

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